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Planned "D" Litter

September 2020 breeding of 

Anna vom Hügel-Hafen with Lystlunds "Magnus"

A September 2020 breeding of Anna vom Hügel-Hafen with Lystlunds Magnus has taken place, yet to be confirmed by ultrasound. Both dogs have an impressive test track record and superb temperaments. Passion, nobility, and performance are concentrated in both lines. Anna and Magnus each possess absolute calm balanced with zeal, as well as excellent performance before and after the shot. The conformation of the two dogs is very similar: short and compact bodies with a lot of nobility and substance, perfect back lines, and absolutely correct in the back. Puppies are expected in all colors.

Anna vom Hügel-Hafen
DOB: October 1, 2016
ZB.Nr. 0018/17

 D1J (search, pointing 4h), S1 (search 4h), VGP1 (301 points), Vbr, HN, HD A2, FW V1, 60 cm

Dam: Dakota KS vom Trocken Bach, 0016/10

Sire: Joker vom Gänsehimmel, 0416/10

Lystlunds Magnus
DOB: April 28, 2018
ZB.Nr. 9011/20

D1, S1 (search 4h), VGP1 (334P.), HN, Vbr, BTR,

HD A1, FW V2, 65 cm

Dam: Panda II vom Osterberg, DK00829/2018

Sire: Lenny vom Massenbach, VDH/ZK 0140/15

Anna is from our "A" litter and is a slightly masculine female. She has produced very good males and females from her first litter (our "C" Litter) in 2019. She is approximately 60% Hege-Haus blood, with well-known names in her pedigree such as Quickstep, Yoghurt, Kastor, and Nougat vom Hege-Haus. On her paternal side there is Pöttsiepen, Asseburg, and Dinkelhof. She is a powerful, stable dog with a lot of grit, and passed her Solms and VGP tests in the same weekend. Anna has exceptional structural conformation, allowing her to hunt effortlessly. We trained Anna through her VGP tests and she qualified for the prestigious Dr. Kleeman Zuchtausleseprüfung (breeding selection test) in Germany, where she’s been this year under a German trainer. Unfortunately, the Dr. Kleeman test has been canceled this year, but we are still taking the opportunity to have her bred to Magnus and then she will be flown home. While in Germany this summer, Anna was the winner of the adult female class in the Schleswig-Holstein DK Club Zuchtschau (breed show), out of 17 females.

Magnus comes from Panda II vom Osterberg, the sister of Pit II KS vom Osterberg, who won the Dr. Kleeman Zuchtausleseprüfung 2016 in Austria. Dogs from the Massenbach, Königsleite, and Osterberg lines meet both lines at the well-known sire Mondlich vom Hege-Haus. Magnus also qualified for the Dr. Kleeman test, and this summer achieved V2 in the Schleswig-Holstein DK Club Zuchtschau.

Magnus V2 and Anna V1 at the Schleswig-Holstein DK Club 2020 Zuchtschau (breed show)
Magnus V2 and Anna V1 at the Schleswig-Holstein DK Club 2020 Zuchtschau (breed show)
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