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"B" Litter vom Hügel-Hafen - whelped May 8, 2017

VC Joker vom Gansehimmel x Dakota KS vom Trocken Bach

This was our second litter of the same pairing and we are very pleased again with the breeding.

There were three males and three female puppies in this litter. All dogs have outstanding temperaments, drive, and love of water. All went to excellent hunting/active homes and we are proud that four of the six were tested with great scoring and conformation:

Baron vom Hügel-Hafen (Fury) - Utah: D1, SG
With extreme sadness, Fury passed away at the very young age of 2.

Bocephus vom Hügel-Hafen (Bo) - North Dakota

Bowden vom Hügel-Hafen (Malcolm) - Connecticut

Bella vom Hügel-Hafen (Emma) - Missouri: D1, S1, SG

Beulah vom Hügel-Hafen: D1, S3, SG

Bonita vom Hügel-Hafen (Nita) - New York: D1, V1 at NADKC 2019 Annual Meeting