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We are a small kennel committed to the Deutsch Kurzhaar and are registered with the DKV. We breed versatile hunting companions with excellent temperaments and also provide obedience / gun dog training services. 

See our "C" Litter page for more photos and information about our latest litter.

Fall 2020 breeding planned for Anna vom Hügel-Hafen!

Sire yet to be announced.

The Deutsch Kurzhaar (German Shorthair) is a versatile hunting dog, with the ability to point, track, and retrieve a variety of game on both land and water. A Deutsch Kurzhaar is a pleasure to hunt beside, performing with great cooperation, stamina, desire, and style. When the hunt is finished, the Deutsch Kurzhaar is a loving, sociable companion.

What's the difference between a Deutsch Kurzhaar and a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP)?

1) 150 years of select breeding

2) Tested dogs produce a high percentage of versatile puppies

3) Elimination of bad traits and other genetic faults through selective breeding

4) One dog does it all - points, retrieves and tracks on both land and water

5) Noble, versatile, reliable

6) GSP's are not required to be tested or have a conformation rating prior to breeding