"C" Litter

Whelped May 9, 2019 - five females, two males

This was s a performance breeding and from all accounts has produced outstanding dogs with the perfect balance of drive, cooperation, temperaments, and love of water. They have strong Hege-Haus, Pottseipen, and Wittekind bloodlines and all have beautiful thick coats.

Conrad vom Hügel-Hafen (Ragnar) - MN

Photo Gallery: 6 to 8 1/2 weeks old

Photo Gallery: 4 to 6 weeks old

Photo Gallery: 2 to 4 weeks old

Photo Gallery: Newborn to 2 weeks old

Anna vom Hügel-Hafen

Payton vom Kings Crossing


Anna vom Hügel-Hafen
DOB: October 1, 2016
ZB.Nr. 0018/17

 D1j (4h in pointing and search), S1 (4h in search), VGP1 (301 points), VBR,
Fw: V, HDO A-2

Dam: Dakota KS vom Trocken Bach, 0016/10, D1, S1, VGP1 (336 pts, Winner of the Search at the Klub Rheinland VGP in Düboslar, Germany), VBR, BTR, KS (perfect scores, Zuchtschau top 20), HDO A-2, HN, Fw: V3

Sire: Joker vom Gänsehimmel, 0416/10, D1, S2, AZP1, HN, Fw: V2, HDO B-1


Payton vom Kings Crossing
DOB: October 28, 2013
ZB.Nr. 0098/14

 D1, S1, VGP 1 (298 pts), HN

Fw: V, HDO-A1

Dam: Dusty vom Holtvogt, D1j, S1j, VGP1 (329 pts), BTR LN, Fw: V, HDO A-1

Sire: Zunder vom Wittekind, D1, S1, VGP1 (305 pts), Fw: V, HDO A-2

Video of Anna and Payton at High River, Alberta CA

More about Anna and Payton

Anna vom Hügel-Hafen


Anna is a striking, medium-sized female with highly desirable conformation. She has a noble head, proper lines, dark pigmentation, and a dense coat. Anna has a big, beautiful search, but is always hunting for the gun; in her testing she has received two 4h’s in search, a testament to her abilities. NADKC awarded her as the top scoring Derby Dog of 2017, which she completed as a junior when she was seven months old. She has high drive, displays intense points (4h in her Derby), is very strong in her water work, and is an extremely reliable retriever. She is highly intelligent and determined, completing her Solms and VGP tests in the same weekend, earning prize 1’s in both at the age of 24 months. Anna is an excellent, loyal hunting companion and loves to train. She has outstanding bloodlines, has a wonderful temperament, and is very calm in the home. She is fantastic with people, children, and other dogs.

Payton vom Kings Crossing

Payton is a noble, medium-sized male, with perfect conformation. He has done extremely well in the Derby, Solms, and VGP, with prize 1’s in all tests.  His sire, Zunder vom Wittekind, has produced magnificent dogs: highly intelligent, very trainable, excellent desire, and a deep willingness to please. When not running tests, Payton works numerous wild pheasant hunts. Randy Blanchard, his owner, describes how everyone who shoots over him, loves him. He’s used for the Pheasant Forever hunts in southern Alberta. Payton has already been proven to be an effective sire, his first litter producing ten strong puppies - vom Hochland B Litter (Tyler Smith). One pup went to the owners of Zunder and they are very pleased, seeing a lot of Zunder in their pup. Most notable of Payton is his level of intelligence. His capacity to learn his lessons is outstanding - you can go anywhere you want with an intelligent dog. 

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