Anna vom Hügel-Hafen

(Joker vom Gänsehimmel x Dakota KS vom Trocken Bach)

DOB - October 1, 2016

ZB.Nr. 0018/17, [D1j (4h in pointing and search), S1 (4h in search), VGP1 (301 points)], VBR, Fw: V, HDO A-2 (DKV)

Anna is from our "A" litter and is a striking, medium-sized female with highly desirable conformation. She has a noble head, proper lines, dark pigmentation, and a dense coat. Anna has a big, beautiful search, and is always hunting for the gun; in her testing she has received two 4h’s in search, a testament to her abilities. She was the top scoring Derby Dog in 2017 within the NADKC. She has high drive, displays intense points (receiving a 4h in her Derby), is very strong in her water work, and is an extremely reliable retriever. She is highly intelligent and determined, completing her Solms and VGP tests in the same weekend, earning prize 1’s in both at the age of 24 months. Anna is an excellent, loyal hunting companion and loves to train. She has outstanding bloodlines, has a wonderful temperament, and is very calm in the home. She is fantastic with people, children, and other dogs.

Anna has qualified for the prestigious Kleeman Test in Germany, and is currently in Struxdorf, Germany under leader Hubertus Krieger. She will run the Kleeman Test in October 2020.

Anna received her adult Fw:V (excellent) conformation rating with the following comments: "Very elegant female DK. Elegant head, strong neck, proper topline and tailset. Proper angulation. Proper bottom line, good depth in chest. Nice tight feet. Strong pastern. Good earset. Good pigment."

Her hips are certified free of hip displaysia (HD) with a rating of A-2.



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